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Having cannabis delivered to your door is as simple as following three easy steps!!! Follow these steps and our few helpful hints for a smoooooth and speedy process! 

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1. Place Your Order for Delivery

After selecting the Walled Lake location, select your items and add them to your cart and complete the checkout process ensuring that you enter the correct residential address for your delivery. 

STEP two

2. Receive confirmation and updates

By entering in your cell phone and email address at checkout, you will receive realtime updates on your order directly to your phone to let you know that your delivery has been confirmed and is on the way. 

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STEP three

3. Receiving your delivery

Your driver will arrive according to any special instructions you may have left. You will need your photo ID and payment to check out. Delivery drivers do not carry change for orders but do carry a cashless ATM with them if you need to use it. The service fee is $2.75 and they have to round up to the nearest $10 in order to use the ATM. Tips are appreciated.