Will you be my Valentine or my Bowl Buddy?

With Valentine’s Day this year being only one day after the Big Game, it‘s become a confusing time. Should you be planning for wings and chip dip or chocolate covered strawberries and champagne? Candlelight or replays? Extra point conversions or Kama Sutra inversions? Luckily for you, Bazonzoes ALWAYS has your back!

We have made it easier for you by offering up specials at each location to help you clear and ease your mind but wanted to take it one step further by offering up these helpful hints to keep your relationship off the sidelines so you don't end up playing the field.

Hint 1: If your partner isn’t wearing comfortable clothing, you are celebrating Valentine‘s Day. It doesn't matter if you are a minute away from half time or not, if they are dressed to the nines, they aren't there for stats on Stafford. Get up, come up with a plan while putting on a shirt without salsa stains.

Hint 2: If your partner says, "Have you noticed the chicken wing shortage this year?" They aren't planning on oysters on the half shell and Baked Alaskan. You may want to concede and pull out your stretchy pants or drop a big hint (see Hint 1) by dressing for the day you are hope they are planning because that may be the only way you are getting their attention.

Hint 3: You can't go wrong picking up either deal at Bazonzoes... If you go Valentine you end up with a preparedness kit for a sexy evening where shirts and skins will take on new meanings before, during, or after the game. Or, if you go with the Preroll for the Bowl deal, those top shelf beauties may clinch the win for even the most formidable foe. Light one up, take a puff, and pass it to Jamar Chase. Either way, we hope this 2nd weekend in February keeps your festive and faded.

All our love and snaps for the Quarterbacks,

The Bazonzoes Bunch



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