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Monthly subscription boxes are now available! Signing up is quick and easy! Simply fill out the form and give us an idea of your preferences and decide which size box you would like. On the 15th of the month get a knock at your door with hand delivered Bazonzoes. Choose between an annual and monthly membership for additional savings!!!  Monthly members can cancel at any time ! 

What's inside? 

Super Jay boxes are filled with 6 or more premium THC products and swag or accessories. 

Mini Jay boxes are filled with 3-5 premium THC boxes and swag or accessories.

How does delivery work? 

Deliveries are made on the 15th of each month (beginning in March 2023). Deliveries must be made to a residential address and be accepted by the person (21+) who placed the order at the time of delivery. Choose a preferred time of day on your subscription questionnaire to make it convenient for your schedule! Delivery range is available on the delivery page of your chosen location.  

Be In the Box

Want to get your product in hands of our beloved pot snobs (read: customers)? Email us for details on how to send in your samples 

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